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J Muller

Artist, Jeanette Muller

About the Artist:
Jeanette Muller was raised in Clayton County, Iowa on her family’s dairy farm, which dates back to 1847. She grew up loving both wild and domestic animals of all shapes and sizes and could be found feeding cows, gathering eggs and catching toads. She graduated from Iowa State University with a Bachelors degree in Fisheries and Wildlife Biology.
After college, Jeanette spent 15 years doing invasive species control, wildlife, fisheries and plant inventories and restoration projects in WY, NE, ND, CO, AZ, UT, WA and HI. Devils Tower NM, Scotts Bluff NM, Theodore Roosevelt NP, Glen Canyon NRA, Grand Canyon NP, Bryce Canyon NP, and North Cascades NP are among the parks she worked in.
In 2004, she returned to Iowa to care for her Mom. From 2005-6, Jeanette was an AmeriCorps Naturalist, Mill Guide and amateur historian at Motor Mill Historic Park, Elkader, IA, where she met Christopher Beck (a carpenter with a green thumb) . Since 2008, Jeanette has been a seasonal Biological Science Technician at Effigy Mounds National Monument in Northeast Iowa.
Chris and Jeanette married in 2008 and she splits her time between NW Illinois and NE Iowa. Together, they enjoy hiking; camping; caving; photography; playing with Tigger, the crazy yellow lab; cooking and native plant restoration (especially since becoming the proud owners of a long-forgotten pioneer cemetery).